the orange chair


Just when I had gotten my perfect little waterfront condo all done up in it’s pretty pale blues and green, Summer boy inherited an AMAZING orange chair.

No, seriously, it IS amazing.

How in the heck was I going to incorporate this VERY orange chair into my little pale, watery blue haven? Never mind that Pantone had named Tangerine Tango as it’s color of the year for 2012, orange just had not entered into my vision for this space!

or any other space for that matter….

I took it as a challenge, if anyone was going to make this work, it would be ME! The chair was just TOO amazing not to give a special place of honor to.

So…. what do we do when faced with a design dilemma?


As luck would have it, I found this gorgeous silk pillow cover at West Elm. It incorporated everything I needed: a seaside theme, my beautiful blues and greens …

and even ORANGE!


But there is that rule of 3’s you know. (Design rule #1, everything in odd numbers)

So, on to the Mother Land (aka: Homegoods), where I happened upon this cute little vintage-looking sign. Perfect.

cute vintage-y sign

cute vintage-y sign

The AMAZING orange chair is now successfully incorporated into my pale blue and green living room, and I will say, it is the most comfy spot in the house.



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