the magic carpet


The family was coming for Christmas, and it was time to get some rugs on the floor at the Lake House. So I headed to the local Rug and Home store to start the process.

I think I became the salesman’s worst nightmare.

By the time we were said and done, I had schlepped 12 rugs in and out of my house, and moved them all from room to room more than once.  

This was my first favorite. I loved the neutral tones with just a hint of the pale blues and greens I was using the house. 

Plus I thought the design was really cool.


I tried in the dining room.


wasn’t quite right… 

So I tried in the family room, which is where it lives today.


I had also previously purchased this great striped rug from Dash and Albert.


It started in the family room, but now the swirl rug had taken it’s place.


So I moved it to the dining room, which is actually very handy since it is an indoor/outdoor rug, and when one of your best friends drops a glass of red wine on it, you can take her it out and hose it down!

The hardest dilemma came when it was time to choose the living room rug. The salesman had found this GORGEOUS (read: expensive) silk rug in all the blues and greens I wanted. 


It was stunning. It looked like water.

Then I thought of my precious pup, Cody, traipsing in from the lake with wet paws onto my silk rug, and I decided it might not be the smartest purchase.  (Do you see the wagging tail in the picture?)

So Cody and I found another option. He thought it was the most comfy, cozy, sitting on the floor, laying in front of the fireplace, kind of rug. 


Mama didn’t love the color.

So back we go to the rug store, where I found this little beauty. Great colors, and even better – the price was right!

living room

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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